Ohio Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.

A psychological assessment is completed at the first session to help determine the needs
of the client.  The result of this assessment, along with stated needs of the client, will help
determine the direction of counseling which may be individual, relationship, family or
group.  The assessment usually takes about an hour.  Individual, family and couple
sessions are approximately 45 minutes.

We also offer:

72 hour Driver Intervention Program

We offer the 72 Hour Driver Intervention Program in Lima and Sidney locations. The cost
for the program is $375.  Call our office for details and scheduling.

The Quotient ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Test

The Quotient ADHD System accurately measures motion and analyzes shifts in attention
state to give your clinician a report with the objective data on hyperactivity, impulsivity and
inattention.  This information helps guide the treatment plan.  The test takes approximately
15-20 minutes and measures an individuals movement while he or she attempts to focus on
changing visual stimuli.  Th e information is uploaded via a secure internet connection and
the results are compared to a database of age and gender matched groups.