Ohio Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.

Dale is licensed by the State of Ohio as a Licensed Independent Social Worker and
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III.  Dale received his psychology and Masters
of Social Work from the Ohio State University and is presently completing a Doctorate in
Clinical Psychology.  Having began a social services career with Children Services, Dale is
able to diagnose and treat a variety of topics.
His expertise is in:
-Child/Adolescent & Family Issues
-Anger & Stress Management
-Substance Abuse & Dependency
-Anxiety & Depression
-Grief/Bereavement Issues
-Marital & Couples Counseling
-Addictions (sex, porn, etc.)
-Psychotic & Personality Disorders
-Mood Disorders
-Sexual Abuse & Sexual Offending

Debra Smith, MS, LPCC, LICDC

Deb is licensed by the State of Ohio as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a
Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor.  Deb received her Masters
Degree MS Education, Social Agency Counseling II from the University of Dayton.  Deb
has worked in Community Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug Recovery Services.  She has
also worked in Residential Inpatient Acohol/Drug Recovery and private practice.
Her expertise is in:
-Bipolar Disorder
-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
-Alcohol/Drug-Chemical Dependency
-Childhood Issues
-Women's Issues
-Grief/Loss Issues